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QR Code Revolution, a road to the cashless society

Despite of its popularity for the past few years, QR Code has been existing for quite a long time. China has used QR Code for e-Payment to facilitate almost every kind of purchases, from buying goods to tipping or giving hongbaos. Many countries have followed suit, including Thailand. After the Bank of Thailand declared that the QR Code payment is one of the standard payment methods, it seemed that Thailand would go cashless in no time.

On the Rise: Creative Spaces In and Around Bangkok

An ideal place to get your job done? On a couch, in your slippers, a bowl of cornflakes in hands and laptop on your lap? Probably not. A report in Harvard Business Review conducted by Ben Waber, Jennifer and Greg Lindsay has shown that a productive space is often related to a common ground where different people meet and ideas are freely exchanged, rather than a quiet corner in your apartment.

Organic food replaces designer bags as the status symbol for the new generation

Growing up in different contexts, it is only natural for newer generations to have perspectives and preferences differing from the generations before them. Gaining a deeper understanding of what is valued among the people of this generation, who happen to be a group with significant buying power, is crucial for businesses.

The Rise of the Thai Entertainment Industry Abroad - Is Thailand the Next Korea of AEC?

Jamesji wasn’t raised on kimchi, but he has Korea going all “Oppa, saranghae!” for him. Pong - Nawat has achieved superstar status in China, while Mario Maurer is making waves in the Philippines. Then there’s BamBam of GOT7, Lisa of Blackpink, and even the Thai remake of the Korean drama, Princess Hours, that went off the charts in China. What is propelling the Thai entertainment business to famedom all over Asia? Has the time come for the Thai entertainment business to take over AEC? Issaya Sinpongsaporn, Brand Communications professor at the School of Communication Arts, Bangkok University and Ph.D. candidate at SOAS, is the author of the thesis on Thai remakes from Korean dramas and also a big fan of K-dramas herself. Today, she’s here to share a direct and mind-provoking analysis on the direction of the Thai entertainment industry abroad.

Thai interior designs occupy global stage.

It is not well known that Thailand was the important source of design products and world’s architecture. In fact, tourism industry, for example hotels, restaurants and condominiums paves the way for Thai interior designers and architects to receive prestigious awards. The three companies we choose all creatively presented their unique interior designs. We hope that their success stories will continually inspire the new waves.

Thai Illustrators who work for world-class brands

Thailand art circle has a promising potential. More creative scenes, art workshops, spaces for art makers, and creative works have always been popped up. Illustrator is another job that brings somewhat attention to artists. Here are top 10 Thai illustrators who are currently in spotlights.