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Teacher Klae - Surin Yangkeawsod, heir and successor of small theatrical puppetry art (Joe Louis)

Teacher Klae, or Surin Yankeawsod, is the seventh heir of Sakorn Yangkeawsod, better known as “Teacher Joe Louis.” Sakorn was honored with the title of National Artist in the Performing Arts Category (Small Theatrical Puppetry) in the year 1996 and was the founder of the “Hoon Lakorn Lek” puppetry troupe and Joe Louis Theatre. After Teacher Joe Louis passed away, Teacher Klae has applied his expertise in design and performance design to his main role as director for small theatrical puppetry performances, making adaptations to keep up with the times and to be accessible to audiences of all ages.

Puppets of “Chakrabhand Posayakrit,” a legendary Thai art form returns to the stage

Many recognize “Chakrabhand Posayakrit” as one of the 52 master craftsmen in the past 200 years of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. His expertise lies in traditional Thai paintings that portray literary female characters with such delicateness that they seem to have hailed straight from a dream.

Arin Rungjang, an artist who revisits history through traditional craftsmanship

Many are afraid to aim high due to fears of disappointment. But Arin Rungjang always shoots for the stars far into the universe, and finds ways to manifest those goals later.

Ploenchan Vinyaratn and the concept of “Beyond Living” that brings about works that are not just objects but mementos full of stories

Ploenchan is a textile designer and owner of Beyond Living. Her designs are known to be full of color and unique textures.

Pichet Klunchun, a contemporary artist who preserves Thainess

The turning point that sparked one small town boy’s interest in art took place in 10th grade. He was a boy who didn’t like to hurry home but would stay long after the school doors shut. The lights in the Thai music room, however, would still be turned on. It was during those evenings that Pichet would venture inside to learn and play Thai instruments. Later on, he received Khon classical dance training from Chaiyot Khummanee, a senior Khon master of Thailand’s Fine Arts Department, and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University.

Locus Native Food Lab: Chef Kong’s food laboratory concocts tales of local ingredients

After knowing him for some time, we discovered that what “Chef Kong” or Kongwut Chaiwongkajorn does is not merely cooking, but a new way of storytelling through food. He draws inspiration from real life and experiences about different ingredients in the context of the Northern culture. Instead of words, he cooks and creates stories through world-class cooking skills and knowledge.

Temporary Bamboo architecture ,Thor. Kaichon: From experiment to identity of “Thanapat Boosanan”

Thor. Thanapat Boosanan, an architect who was an expert in bamboo architecture, founded Kaichon six years ago. The name came from his name abbreviation (T) and Kaichon (Fighting cock), his favorite hobby.

“Phraevar Rujinarong,” textile designer who created Thai fabric for Elle Fashion Week 2018.

One of the highlights in Elle Fashion Week 2018 was “The Illusionist” collection show, the collaboration of fashion designer, Vinpattararin, and textile designer, Phraevar Rujinarong, from Termtem Studio. The collection reflected design process from the scratch so it truly gave new definition to Thai fashion.

MeamtarnArtwork – a world of colors

In case where you haven’t heard of it already, MeamtarnArtwork is a Thai brand born out of the creativity of a woman who loves to travel, Sithana Chuen-ankgoon, also known as Meamtarn. Driven by her passion in handicraft and a strong desire not to become one of the salaried people, and thanks to her previous job experience as advertising sales agent and media planner, her knowledge of handicrafts gathered while traveling to various countries, and her skills in knitting and weaving on a portable loom, she has been able to create unique handmade bags. The most amazing thing about them is that there have been no two bags of this brand that are exactly alike!

Supachai Klaewtanong: Nipa palm leaf project

Bangkok does not represent all of Thailand. Ways of life differ from one region to another. Inhabitants of secondary towns have their own ways of life, including those in the southern town of Nakhon Si- Thammarat. Though classified as a secondary town, Nakhon Si Thammarat has much to offer, especially in the world of design and contemporary handicraft which is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

Maitree Siriboon: Now, what’s next and the new dreams of “Isan Boy Dream”

Maitree Siriboon, also known as “Isan Boy Dream,” is an artist from Ubon Ratchatani that has garnered praise for his practical skills of incorporating delicate art with creativity.

Suwan Kongkhunthian: Yothaka 4.0 When there’s no ready-made formula for how handcrafts must apply to the world

If Thai brands like Jim Thompson are considered a turning point for Thai brands and for adding value to weaved products after the second World War, a turning point during Chatchai Choonhavan’s government, where a battlefield was turned into a field of commerce, then there can only be Yothaka, an export furniture brand made from water hyacinths that was founded in that era.

Eggarat Wongcharit: Going against the current for the future of crafts, AI and Thai brands

Eggarat Wongcharit is considered a master of contemporary design who has been instrumental in putting Thai works under international spotlight. Even more so is his role as a curator for the highly successful exhibition “Slow Hand Design,” which presents Thai products on the international level by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. Now in its 8th year running, he has brought “Thainess” to global stages such as Milan Fair, one of the most recognized fairs that showcases design products and creativity from all around the world.

Tam’s style: Style of Tam, a Farm-to-Table Thai cooking.

As the very first winner of Top Chef Thailand, Chudaree Debhakam or Chef Tam has become well known. With her passion in traveling and bold characteristic, Tam had turned down the jobs in restaurants or hotels and chose to be freelance chef who cooked in her own style.

“Simplicity and Timeless,” message in ceramic works of “Aor Sutthiprapha”

Aor Sutthiprapa from Small Studios is one of the Thai born world famous “ceramic artists.” Her works have different forms from other Thai artists’. Her Contemporary Art works were exhibited in Sweden. Her renowned work, Weaving Indigo, was prominent on its simple form and earth mixing technique. The concept was to show uncertainty of life through earth.

Perfumers and the art of perfume making

The word perfume derives from the Latin per fumum, which means “through smoke.” Perfumery is an art form dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and was further developed by the Romans and the Persians. Archaeologists have recently uncovered evidence of the world’s oldest surviving perfumes, created some 4,000 years ago.

Jitsing Somboon redesigns Surin silver, crafting an identity into wearable art

In the design world, Jitsing Somboon may be one of the most versatile freelance fashion designers. His portfolio contains everything from clothes, bags, shoes, leather to jewelry. Even so, it is not often that we get to see his silver designs.

Sakarin’s local silk: From the root of culture to catwalk

Ikat silk weaving was Surin province’s identity. This silk fabric was a famous product of the province’s Yang Krajab community, Promthep sub-district, Ta Toom district.

The life of Pisek Khetsanthia, a carpenter at P. Tendercool

P. Tendercool’s showroom is hidden in the nooks of Charoenkrung. Various grand types of tables fill the space and the team behind all of these luxurious wooden tables is the carpentry team P.Tendercool. Comprising of ten faces we’ve just seen for the first time at the Meet the Makers exhibition the brand held at Warehouse 30, which is right across from their own showroom, head carpenter Pisek Khetsanthia says, “We are really proud when customers see and like our work.”