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Branding : Design Service Society 2020


1.Brand Trust, Positioning and Purpose

“What is the purpose of brand? How different is it from others? Why has business been established? These are all 3 important questions for building firstly a new brand. The more confidence and position we have in our business the more clearly branding we own.

2.Understanding your target market, including the strength of brand

Secondly, the important thing to branding is that we must understand and research our customer needs, including customer behavior. This is satisfied for our target customer segment. Not everything in the world suits every individual need.

When we make sure our target customer segment, it is needed to find what strength it is in our brand to compete and occupy our customer’s heart.

3.Create the difference from your competitors

Researching the market and competitors is a critical thing. Creating the difference is a must by thinking about product, process, image and concept. If the brand is different, it will be completely recognized. In contrary, if the brand is similar to other competitors in the market, then the brand will be less recognized.

4.Brand Personality 
Brand Personality is an important thing to make relationship between product and customer by creating emotion and feeling through communication. This builds trust and making the brand being well recognized in the heart of its target customers.
Brand Personality can be categorized into 5 main personalities as follows:

Sincerity – goodwill, concerned, sincere, honest
Excitement – exciting, fun, challenging
Competence – wise, trustable, hi-tech, leadership
Sophistication – sophisticated, eclectic, luxury, charm
Ruggedness – tough, adventurous
Your brand can have many personalities and it is not necessary to have a personality.

5.Designing identity and usage

In terms of logo design, it can be image, lettering or mixed phrases, color combinations, and appropriate typography. This can identify brand personality, emotion and identity. There are more details to be explored.

6.Communication, Packaging Design

Communication, Packaging and design or even store decoration need to be corresponding with brand personality and story. These reflect the Brand identity and make the brand be standard, memorable and lovable.