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Online Design Consultation

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Design Service Society 2019 hosts an innovative solution of online design consultation

between 8 July - 8 September 2019. This initiative is supported by Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation,

Department of International Trade Promotion in collaboration with Industrial Designers Society.  

Book For Online Design Consultation

How to apply:

(1) Click ‘Reserve Seat’ on the banner

(2) Book your online design consultation by selecting a number of ticket and then click ‘Register’

(3) fill in your personal information as requested

(4) share your problems in the section, ‘Questions’

(5) confirm your application by Clicking ‘Confirm Order’. The automatic response booking will be sent to your email. Your application status is ‘pending’.

(6) If your application is selected, our team will contact you back shortly by phone or email to arrange the online design consultation appointment via an appropriate online channel. 

(7) Please fill out the google form of the online design consultation assessment after your online consultation is completed. 

If you have any enquiry, please contact Khun Pitsanu Chaiyawong, 099 425 5445