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Bioplastic Food Packaging

100% biodegradable packaging takes approximately 180 - 365 days. The Process of Degradation depends on such as surrounding, temperature and humidity. Bioplastic packaging is considered as the eco-friendly and economic success in Thailand, It is made of plants that can be easily grow in the nature, such as sugarcane, cassava, and corn.

There are 3 types of bioplastics:

Type 1: PLA packaging is produced by Polylactic Acid or PLA. Its property is clear, strong, and durable, it can be molded in a variety of forms, the heat resistant is around 60 degrees Celsius. It is popularly used for cold drink.

Type 2: Paper coated with Polybutylene Succinate or PBS that is opaque Such products are soft packaging. Suitable for hot drink it can withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius

Type 3: Products manufactured from PLA mixed with PBS. Appearance is white. white spoon,forks and stalls are this product type.