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Packaging Design (Thailand) - Design Service Society 2020

Packaging Design (in Thailand)

Packaging design is not a new thing. Thousands of years ago human invented creative packaging design to meet the daily living of people. Also back to hundred thousand years ago, this creative way of packaging design occurred in the same way. It can be seen from the historical record. As far as shown in Thai history, the excavated materials used were all made from the nature. 

Noticeably packaging design on which has passed from generation to generation over many hundred years or even many thousand years, still has been using at the present. For instance, folded wrappers from natural materials, i.e. leaves, e.g. banana leaves, betel leaves, bamboo cylinder sheath pieces pegs. These are how chic, minimal packaging were designed.

"Betel leaf wrapped rice" is a package, which is using a design principle “form follows function”. Betel leaf wrapped rice, caused by need of farmers. The need to carry a packet of rice to work. The idea of using wrapped rice is banana leaf and ropes for packing it all. Putting some chilli paste, adding some fish and all are wrapped in banana leaves and vegetables separately. So that it will not be spoiled. (Betel and banana leaves help food not easily spoiled), then tighten the wrappers up with a rope and put handle on. This will add chic and will look like Haute Couture brandname handbag, also like walking on the runway Khanna ever.

"Mush ball toss" is a package designed also using a principle form follows function. In time of the Buddhist Lent. That is called Devo Monk Alms Bowl, the monks will walk down from the top hill along the path. It was like monk walking down from heaven. Villagers were crowed so that they can’t reach the monk alms bowls thoroughly so they think how rice balls are thrown up called “Mush ball toss”. Inside the package there is some glutinous rice wrapped in coconut leaves or banana leaves, leaving a long tail to easily hold or catch. So that they can throw up remotely to perfectly fall in a bowl of monks.

From the above examples it can be described that mainly Thai design use natural materials. It is straightforward form simple idea, clear, and beautiful. It shows that Thai people are creative unlike any other countries in the world, unique and distinctive. From the ancient time to modern time, Thai packaging design has advanced development thanks to high competition in the business world. Packaging design itself then needs to be bold, beautiful and outstanding enough. So packaging has been transformed from only functional to commercial. It needs to serve the business owners/entrepreneurs and also appeals to mainstream consumers. Packaging design nowadays has become the commercial packaging.
To the year 2020, the term "packaging" has been amplified to many alternatives, in the fast business world.

We will conclude the package design in 2 steps, making it be easy to understand.
1. The "Container" design process
Container is used for containing and protecting the products inside, such as cardboard boxes, bottles, cans and packs. This packaging design step requires knowledge of many aspects, such as material science, engineering, science and applied arts, for designing, developing, manufacturing materials and calculating structure work. In this step, we need to work with many parties. Therefore the container is beautiful, strong, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. The "Cover" design process
Cover on the container is decorated with beautiful, eye-catching design and alluring purchase, such as a label of a bottle, graphic design on the box or envelope. It requires basic information to be used in many products, such as what the product is, the segment of its target group, location, competitors, market information including research information and retail prices. When all required information is ready so design can be started.

Packaging design, simply explained is the decoration on a product. How do you make a pretty product which people turn back to see it and buy it. If it can be reusable or recycled, it is perfect. Therefore good design is a creative exploration on one’s own journey and it should not be limited in any rules. If so, the design will not be open. I think we should think about the desired impact for both society and environment. This will make the overall design process. We believe the ability of Thai designers will make better packaging design futures.

Story By: khun Sadee KitJa , ThaiPDA.