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Thai typefaces awarded by DEmark

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Despite of being an important element in graphic design, typefaces are often neglected. Typefaces or fonts can be used to convey emotions, feelings, and moods of the stories. But which typeface to use? Well, it depends on the contents and targeted audience you are addressing.

Designing Thai typefaces is quite a challenging task due to the complicated alphabets and layers that are different from English ones. Still, some designers have managed to create them beautifully, and these are some of the best Thai typefaces guaranteed by DEmark awards.

1. Martinithai

Designed by Studio Craftsmanship, Martinithai is a contemporary Thai typeface based on Latin alphabets. The square based forms are complemented with Thai touch to create a new dimension. Apart from receiving the DEmark award, the typeface also received the Good Design Award (G-mark) in Japan in 2017.

2. Muttayat

Designed by Canson Demak, Muttayat is part of the font designing program to reduce capital costs and materials in the printing process. The typeface is designed to be contemporary and suitable for versatile usage. The typeface was awarded in global stages with Grashan (Non-Latin category) in 2014 and Good Design Award (G-mark) in Japan, and in national stage with DEmark award in 2013.

3. Thonglor

Another popular font from Jurong Kim of Cadson Demak, Thonglor typeface comes with a modern feel. The typeface was awarded with DEmark award in the graphic design category in 2013.

4. Leelas

A Thai typeface with a luxury, feminine and classic feel, Leelas, which is designed to be a display font, is one of few Thai fonts that comes with a multi-line feature. The font is designed by Arwin Intarangsi.

5. Puan and Seri

Designed by Teerawat Pojvibulsiri, Puan and Seri is inspired by the alphabets on street signs in Lampang. What is unique is the design thinking process that the designer, Seri, learnt from his master Por Suwannasingh who used various kinds of typefaces on the street signs.

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