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Inside the colorful world of Juli Baker and Summer

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If you happen to be in Bangkok’s art scene, you might have heard about Juli Baker and Summer or Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya, an artist who is known for her colorful and childlike paintings, which have appeared in various forms, from the album cover of ‘Plastic Plastic’, smartphone cases, T-shirts, or even on the wall of a hip hotel. In short, Juli Baker and Summer is definitely a rising star in Thailand’s pop art world.

Through her works, Juli Baker and Summer reflects her viewpoint on ordinary daily life. From time to time, she would select her works under some certain themes to exhibit. For example, ‘Please, Make Yourself at Home’ exhibition was about what we call ‘comfort zone’, and for her, it was all about her favorite books and the songs her father used to play when she was a child, the cloth patterns that her mother likes, fried banana blossoms her grandmother made, a cat named Charlie, the fantasies of her niece Eclair, karaoke times with old friends, favorite movies, piano playing, and, of course, painting.

Apart from painting, she also creates some products based on her works, from pins, scarves, postcards to dresses. In the future, she dreams of having a home decor line and having a little art school with a space to sell her products.

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