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Likay Bindery turns papers into thought objects

Writer : Visa Sortrakul

Since day one ten years ago, this little book-binding studio in Sukhumvit 35 can be considered one of the first ‘designer-maker’ people in Thailand. Some might have heard their name ‘Likay Bindery’. Today, what used to be a book-binding studio has turned into paper craft studio with a collection of more diverse and sophisticated works.  


For its founder Mali “Li” Julkiat and Pantipa “Kay” Tanchukiat, Likay Bindery is like a dream come true. Both are book lovers since they were young, so working at Likay Bindery and create works from what they love the most is literally a dream job.  

“The charm of paper craft is that it makes you think along the way. Should we cut that part and seam that edge? Improvisation is a key.” The more creative the work is, the more fun it will be, and Kay said she really likes it when she let her imagination roam freely. “Book art is all about instincts. When we cannot finish a work today, we will give it a rest. We know it will be done one day, may be five years from now,” said Li.   

Those who are familiar with Likay Bindery will know that most of their works are hand-made. Every book, notebook or piece of art is hand-crafted. “We have never labelled our works as art or design. We see that it is something we are good at and we can make it more interesting.”  

For more than ten years, Likay Bindery has paved ways for them to learn and create. Their works are the results from the perfect symphony between imagination and technical skills. Kay is an ardent maker who is equipped with superior skills, while Li pushes the works forward with her creativity and design knowledge.

นิทรรศการ Homo Faber II ที่สวีเดน

In recent years, their works have evolved from book art into something more conceptual, like the Recollections of Beach Forest exhibition at Mrigadayavan Palace, Cha-Am, and the Homo Faber II exhibition in Sweden which was a collaboration between Thai and Swedish craft artists.

“The works in both exhibition are inspired by surrounding plants, nature and seasons. We link them with the idea of memory keeping. Landscape pictures were reinterpreted in the form of Paper Plant Sculpture.”

For Likay Bindery, no matter in which form the papers are, at the heart of them is still the spirit of craft based on ‘thinking’ and ‘processes’. Sometimes papers have a specific task like being a canvas for stories, but many times they can be used as materials to create more conceptural works.

If inspiration can be regarded as a function in life, that might be the function of LiKay Bindery.

For more works visit Likay Bindery at Instagram : likaybindery

Photo credit : Likay Bindery, Art Centre Silpakorn University, Nationmultimedia

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