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DYE Dee, a Thai organic denim brand with local wisdom

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Translator : Parisa Pichimarn

Since the first pair of denim jeans born in the 19th Century in America, the denim fabric has come a long way and has evolved significantly, especially in the modern times. Once regarded as an industrial product, denim has become more crafted and customized. Some premium denim pair of jeans from Japan, or even Thailand, can cost almost 10,000 Baht.

One of the rising stars in the Thai denim field is DYE DEE, a Chingmai-based, hand-woven organic denim brand created by “Mint” Nutthapong Muangnam, and “Job” Ajchanapong Ajcharaworatha. Recently awarded in the Design Innovation Contest 2018 of NIA and DITP’s Design Excellence Award 2018 in the Innovative Fashion category, DYE DEE, along with its special hand-woven edition, was selected to be part of MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

It can be said that DYE DEE is a craft brand that has gained more popularity among denim aficionados due to special designs and weaving techniques developed together with local communities and specialists. The traditional looms were developed to be able to weave denim fabric in an eco-friendly way.

Mint, who is a co-founder, said that this process took a year to complete, since nobody had did it before.

Other creating processes also take time, since many adjustments are needed to creative special techniques, and every minute detail is important. To ensure that the yarns are organic, the brand have to oversee every process of dyeing. The dyeing techniques are also constantly developed, like the one used in the latest cotton collection which makes the colors and textures more interesting. Moreover, the yellow-gold buttons in the Misnight collection are decorated with the DYE DEE typeface created by Charoen Kulsuwan. Apart from attention to detail, the 100% organic process also makes the brand more unique.

The product development strategy of the brand is also like no one else. Many techniques used are the adaptation of local wisdoms. The denim fabric is put in hot springs so the fabric shrinks naturally and that the colors stick longer. Also, Iron Wood leaves are dyed and used to decorate edges of the second series of the silk collection.

Despite of the presence of an online shop, the brand has received great feedback online (FB:DYE DEE and IG: dyedee_studio). DYE DEE now has 3 models for pre-order.  DARK MATTER is the original model which soft color, resulting from the dyeing process using ebony and indigo. DARK MATTER MISTNIGHT is developed from the original model, with more sharp cutting, dark color tones, silk edges and the special green color from the mix of shellac and indigo, while NORTHERN LIGHTS, which won the Design Excellence Award 2018, presents dyed cotton in an innovative way. Inspired by the Northern lights, this model also reflects the reinterpretation of Northern craftsmanship.

“Our country is filled with local wisdoms. The more we learn, the more we are surprised,” said Mint. And for DYE DEE, hand-woven denim is like a journal to record this local wisdom so that it can keep inspire, forever.

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