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ANUROJ New Batik designs

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Translator : Parisa Pichitmarn

    Anuroj Tantiyapong is a name that is well known and usually associated with his artistic creations of batik fabrics. His eponymous brand, ANUROJ HANDPAINT, is also well recognized as a brand that produces batik art on natural fabrics. Not only that, but ANUROJ HANDPAINT has also changed of the face of batik from its original roots as Southern craft into a fashionable and globally-accepted product through the use of contemporary art and a knowledge of art history that have been applied to batik.

    Anuroj says, “Batik has its own charm. It’s drawn by hand which means you can only create a few pieces at a time. It’s unique and changes all the time. My success came from injecting creativity onto these pieces of art. I have always intended for it to always be fresh and novel so customers have many options. But in the fashion industry, it’s very challenging and changes very rapidly. Designs that will get accepted are those that move with the times quickly, are flexible and completely unexpected. My ideals which are always changing makes it harder for the market to predict what I’m going to do next. People who keep track of my work never know what I’m about to do next and that has become a strong point of the brand.”

    Words that would define ANUROJ are newness, freshness and beauty. His work design process usually revolves around bright colours, dramatic dynamics and something that is utterly unexpected in every collection.

    Every collection of ANUROJ showcases a new and large variety of items that we are not used to seeing for batik. New designs of his batik, all in contemporary patterns and in dynamic colours, are seen on scarves, skirts, tops, hats, as well as handbags. The strength of ANUROJ is that every process in production is all handmade, which ensures a particular fineness and uniqueness.

    Getting chosen to go display his products in Japan and to work with Japanese designers after taking part in the OTOP to the World project has been an invaluable experience for Anuroj to develop his talents to the world’s taste. The experience has been a turning point in elevating the ANUROJ brand, where he had to take part in Bangkok Fashion Week, at that time still a government project. He has gotten to meet many designers and experts who have mentored him, all of which has greatly contributed to his work’s development and success today.   

    Although the brand’s Bangkok store may be an end destination for tourists that come to Thailand today, as well as an export of hand-painted fabrics, recently Anuroj has also dabbled in design work in Japan, which involves theater and art.

    Currently, Anuroj still works with his team to design new collections at his head office before sending them to be produced in the south. This is greatly contributed to changing the mindset and instilling creativity to the locals whom are used to doing the same old and do not know how to elevate their products with a contemporary edge.

    “It’s hard work and it’s tiring, but I’m happy,” is the short and simple phrase an ex-colorist describes, who now makes a living from his bakery. The journey of ANUROJ has also been a long one, and this year, the brand moves forward by opening up further distributions channels online, such as at Alibaba.

    What’s more interesting than the success is how Anuroj has maintained longevity in his business and has designed his products and brand to feel continuously fresh and new for over 20 years.

    Anuroj concludes with a work ethic: “Don’t lie to yourself and do what you love. Act like there’s no tomorrow and do the most that you can. Compete against yourself and against time that you have left and do it all with love.”

    So it seems that passion is still an important factor that creates a value for his work, whether it comes out successful or not.

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Facebook : Anuroj Anuroj

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