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Temporary Bamboo architecture ,Thor. Kaichon: From experiment to identity of “Thanapat Boosanan”

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Photos : Teeraphon Pittapatee

                Thor. Thanapat Boosanan, an architect who was an expert in bamboo architecture, founded Kaichon six years ago.  The name came from his name abbreviation (T) and Kaichon (Fighting cock), his favorite hobby.

         Thanapat or ‘Tub’ told us about the beginning of his brand.  It was an ensemble of his two favorite things, bamboo works and Installation Art.  This combination made his works more remarkable than others’ works. In the last three years, his works were mainly about new interpretation of bamboo architecture.  His huge art pieces were set in many events. “Actually, I love challenging job which suits bamboo works. I work closely with Visual Lighting designer,” said Thanapat.

Telling new story of bamboo

         The turning point, which made Thanapat interested in bamboo design and architecture, was after he had been a part of installation art project in “Konstruction” event in Malaysia years ago.  The installation arts became a part of his company’s portfolio since then. “I worked and talked with people there. It changed everything from my idea of work to my feeling when seeing people reactions towards bamboo architecture,”

         While most people think that bamboo architectures are suitable for hotel, resorts or meditation place because bamboo relates to sufficient life, Thanapat views that bamboo is an alternative material for temporary architecture.  He brings new attitude. “Imagine EDM concert that has bamboo stage. That’s peculiar. If you keep using bamboo you will realize that this natural material is different from your current industrial material. When people make something with bamboo, most of them are a bit worry about its strength and mold.  However, when I create temporary architectures with bamboo, no one worry about those problems. Temporary architectures has changed pain point of bamboo. People like it and I create new attitude about bamboo works.”

Apart from creating new attitude, using bamboo also helps recycling.  “After the concert in Mak island ended, people from the resort asked for bamboo leftover.  I didn ‘t have to throw any bamboo away. In some work, I even used recycled bamboo. This is another advantage of temporary bamboo architecture,” he said. “I believe that if I keep using bamboo, people will get used to it and likely accept it.  Anyway, bamboo must come with architect design”

Every works is an experiment

         Since founding a company six years ago,  Thanapat has seen all works as opportunities to do some experiments.   All his works are different, from free form work to pure bamboo work to wood and metal work.   Although the main business was still unclear, Thanapat believed that those challenging works would enable the quest of Thor. Kaichon’s clearer identity.  Now, he is at least success. He reminds the client about his company when they see bamboo architectures, no matter how good or bad the works are or how much he likes his works.   In the future, he plans to do only the works he likes. He is personally interested in Sci-Fi and supernatural theme.

Starting from smallest and most familiar element.

         Tub’s working tip is to know what he is doing.  “No matter what material you use, the most important thing is you know it well.  You should start from small things. Don’t start with something big. I myself started from sharpening bamboo for a long time before I understood its nature,” said Tub.  “The world is changing fast enough. It is so fast that people who take time doing things might be superior. You shouldn’t ask internet for everything. I believe that what you have learned by doing it yourself, you cannot find it from Youtube.  What you learn from internet is what other people can also learn. ”

         That’s the reason why he believes that sometimes slower life and offline life can make an artist success.

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