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Nuaynard: Contemporary Isan : Live in nature, rejuvenate in a Thai style

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Translator : Suchanart Jarupaiboon

We are living in an age where consumers are more conscious about healthy living. Demand for natural and organic products is ever-increasing. As people are becoming more concerned about chemicals commonly used in everyday life, it is only natural that more are returning to nature. This consumer behavior change results in the boom of natural products, particularly in the health and beauty industry.

“Nuaynard,” a brand with an essentially Thai name of which products are handmade only from natural local materials, was co-founded by Nanthapan Poonsawad (Poom) and Pakasit Natenakorn (Wan) after they decided to settle down in Baan Sub Si Chan, a rural village in Si Kew, Nakhon Ratchasima Province years ago. Back then, the village had no access to municipal water supply and had to rely on rainwater and other natural sources. It was this lack of access that prompted an idea of using local natural resources to make natural products, with rainwater and spring water as the brand’s “gimmicks.”

They started with soap bars made wholly from natural ingredients, with no added colors or scents, using the bars themselves and giving them to friends with sensitive skin to try. The feedback was more than satisfactory. Poom began to enjoy refining the formula to introduce a wider variety and see their commercial potential. They opened an online webpage and participated in farmers markets, eventually making it to the national trade fair and made a name for themselves among those interested in natural products.

All Nuaynard products are 100% made from natural ingredients, with rainwater and spring water as the highlights, and various other materials that can be found in their local neighborhood and nearby provinces. These include moringa oil, rice germ oil, local liquor, indigo, bamboo grass and other local herbs and plants. Several soap products were launched, such as Sa To soap (moringa, singer power scrub, ylang-ylang, and eucalyptus) and Mak Mao wine soap (moringa, turmeric power scrub, frankincense, and cedar wood), which are gentle and rejuvenate the skin effectively. It comes as no surprise that their customer base continues to expand.


“We try to make our manufacturing process entirely natural. We avoid unnecessary procedures and minimize heating. Water is filtered but the use of machines is kept to a minimum. We intend to make wide-ranging everyday products that you need from the start to the end of your day,” said Poom.  

As its popularity increases, the brand continued to develop new products, including lip balm, cleansing oil, and serum. All products are made from natural ingredients found in Isan. In addition to maintaining the brand’s gimmicks, this also adds value to contemporary Isan-ness.

Another product worth mentioning is Thai cologne who is available in two blends, with lovely Thai names of Chuen Jit and Chuen Jai. Both are made of rainwater and spring water boiled with Thai cooling herbs such as pandan leaves and Chalut (Alyxia reinwardtii Blume) in a traditional manufacturing process. No chemicals are added. In addition to leaving a pleasant scent when you apply on your body, it can also be mixed with bathwater to reduce skin irritation.

And they didn’t just stop there. The joy of making the cologne prompted the brand to make body wash products from tea seed oil, rice brand oil, cocoon, honey, and of course, rainwater and spring water.


This is the story of a brand that started from scratch, with the idea of creating value out of ordinary materials. The founders of the brand believed that doing what was good would eventually lead to good opportunities. Therefore, the brand focused just as much on appearance or packaging, which is also handmade. A touch of crafts in the products’ packaging sets the brand apart from other natural skincare brands. The more fun they have, the more inspired they become to make “limited products” – handmade products that come in limited amounts available in certain seasons only. Some of these were made with new ingredients, while others were developed from existing products. This Isan, eco-style brand known as Nuaynard is truly a product from thinking outside the box and the result of a way of life that aims to create value to both products and users alike.

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