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Sakon Nakhon, City of Indigo

                 Folk wisdom passed down by the Phutai people has brought about a valuable craftsmanship. To support and develop the local economy, as well as to raise the standard of living and create sustainability within the community, the Department of Intellectual Property issued the Thai Geographical Indication (GI) symbol for producers based within the registered geographical area.


              The knowledge of natural indigo-dyed fabrics has been passed down through the generations. Indigo was grown within the home or at both ends of rice fields to produce just enough indigo when needed. Before, the people of Sakon Nakhon only applied indigo dye for use in homes or ceremonies, not for commercial activities like today. But once the value of indigo began to be recognized among the people in the community, groups of indigo fabric weavers were formed. One of such groups is the Indigo-Dyed Fabric Weaving Community Enterprise Group of Ban Kham Kha, which has been active for over 20 years. They have developed added-value products from local raw materials like cotton and indigo and have become a stable source of work and income for the community. Peera Prasertkantong, a master craftswoman and head of the group, had been dyeing handwoven cotton in indigo and sometimes using mad-mee techniques, which involve tying and dyeing the threads before weaving, for some time before the government began to take notice of her work and started to support the craft. Colors from different types of bark have since been introduced in combination with indigo, such as padauk, jambolan, neem, etc.


            One popular brand among the young generation for organic indigo-dyed products is Mann Craft. Prat Niyomkha is the master behind the designs, and he has developed these local handicrafts to fit in with modern life today. Using design techniques, the indigo fabrics look modern and come in chic collections like travel outfits, airplane outfits, bags, shawls, scarfs, and more.


        With indigo products now in high demand, it has brought about renewed love and pride from the people of their communities. Every Saturday and Sunday evening along Rueang Sawat Street near Wat Phra That Choeng Chum in Sakon Nakhon, you will find it lined with indigo-dyed fabric shops, stretching for about a kilometer long. It is known for being the largest marketplace for indigo-dyed fabrics in Thailand. Revenue rolled in within the first three days of opening, valuing up to three million baht. Travelers from all over flock to the marketplace to admire the impressive fabrics.


            By supporting Thai products, we can all take part in propelling the pride in our natural resources. The fabrics are safe for the health, and being produced by Thais, the designs are sure to please Thai aesthetics at just the right price.


- Indigo-Dyed Fabric Weaving Group of Ban Kham Kha (Ms. Peera Prasertkantong) at 20 Moo 4, Tambon Rai, Amphoe Pannanikom, Sakon Nakhon, Tel. 086-231-0518
- Mann Craft Shop through Facebook: Mann Craft Shop, Instagram: mann.craft,

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