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Maison Takuya’s handcrafted leather products: The code behind Maison Takuya’s premium leather

“Maison Takuya” (pronounced May-Song Ta-Ku-Ya) was named by its French founder, Francois Russo. Maison Takuya was the only one Thai leather brand which was ranked among world luxury leather brands like Hermès and others. Its sales volume was comparable with the big names like Tom Ford, Dunhill, Bulgari etc. It also won the Best Leather Item In Japan price which was awarded yearly to the luxury brands by Japanese TV show. In that same year, Rolex received the Best Watch Item price.

Jai, Art for the Retired

Would it surprise you if we told you that the beautiful art in chic frames and colorful new products from the JAI brand have made their way into Icon Siam and are serving as opportunities for collaborations between the new generation and the retired?

Maitree Siriboon: Now, what’s next and the new dreams of “Isan Boy Dream”

Maitree Siriboon, also known as “Isan Boy Dream,” is an artist from Ubon Ratchatani that has garnered praise for his practical skills of incorporating delicate art with creativity.

The life of Pisek Khetsanthia, a carpenter at P. Tendercool

P. Tendercool’s showroom is hidden in the nooks of Charoenkrung. Various grand types of tables fill the space and the team behind all of these luxurious wooden tables is the carpentry team P.Tendercool. Comprising of ten faces we’ve just seen for the first time at the Meet the Makers exhibition the brand held at Warehouse 30, which is right across from their own showroom, head carpenter Pisek Khetsanthia says, “We are really proud when customers see and like our work.”

“Apiwat Chitapanya” and the Beauty of Metal Welding

At the “maison & objet” event in Paris, France in January 2018, MASAYA’s brass armchairs, designed by Apiwat Chitapanya, were well received by the guests at the event. Working within the concept of “branches,” the designer used special welding techniques that gave this armchair set a natural look through a structure of airy lines resembling branches.

Chairs and Changed Perspectives, A New Chapter for World-Renowned Designer “Apirat Boonruangthaworn”

Apirat Boonruangthaworn’s name may not be widely known to the general public, but in design circles and among the industrial design community, Apirat is far from a nobody and mostly recognized for his furniture designs.

Eggarat Wongcharit: Going against the current for the future of crafts, AI and Thai brands

Eggarat Wongcharit is considered a master of contemporary design who has been instrumental in putting Thai works under international spotlight. Even more so is his role as a curator for the highly successful exhibition “Slow Hand Design,” which presents Thai products on the international level by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. Now in its 8th year running, he has brought “Thainess” to global stages such as Milan Fair, one of the most recognized fairs that showcases design products and creativity from all around the world.

Khon Kaen, the Madmee City of the World

Madmee is a local weaving craft that is popular in the northeastern region of Thailand. When not working in the fields or harvesting, villagers spend their free time weaving textiles for use in the household or at cultural events. In recent years, villagers have begun to sell their unused textiles. In many areas, the craft has come to replace farming as their main source of income.

COTH STUDIO: A community inspires a new language for craft

The “COTH Studio” is short for the “Creative Collaboration Thailand Studio,” and as its name suggests, the studio is focused on working with others and collaborating on ideas. The studio was founded by Chalermkiat Somdulyawat or “Ton,” who holds a Master's degree in Product Design from Silpakorn University, and Kawisara Anansaringkarn, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from Chulalongkorn University. The two design buddies combined their different skills and opened the COTH Studio.

Jitsing Somboon redesigns Surin silver, crafting an identity into wearable art

In the design world, Jitsing Somboon may be one of the most versatile freelance fashion designers. His portfolio contains everything from clothes, bags, shoes, leather to jewelry. Even so, it is not often that we get to see his silver designs.

Lamunlamai in Paris

There was a time when they were wondering what to do with their lives after graduation. Then some time later, their small Lamunlamai Craft Studio celebrated its fourth anniversary. And not long after, they found themselves as far from home as in Paris, France, taking part in the Maison & Objet Paris 2018, one of the largest trade fairs in the world. Most recently, the brand was selected to participate in one of Thailand’s biggest design and craft projects hosted by Icon Siam.

Lightning-patterned woven scarves - How soccer scarves help create sustainable communities

The founding of Buriram United Football Club has “awakened” and “changed the city’s economy completely. All sectors have responded positively to this new chapter of the city’s history, with an aim to create sustainable communities - for local people to achieve economic sustainability and feel proud of their native town.

“Phraevar Rujinarong,” textile designer who created Thai fabric for Elle Fashion Week 2018.

One of the highlights in Elle Fashion Week 2018 was “The Illusionist” collection show, the collaboration of fashion designer, Vinpattararin, and textile designer, Phraevar Rujinarong, from Termtem Studio. The collection reflected design process from the scratch so it truly gave new definition to Thai fashion.

Journey to the past: Tracing Siamese-Javanese relations through Batik textiles

During his reign, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) made three visits to the island of Java. The reason for the visits, according to Journeys to Java by a Siamese King, was that Java was modernized, and so the King wished to study Western statesmanship to prepare himself to rule and reform Siam. There, he learned about the educational system, military affairs, hospitals, and the art of Batik. In fact, he became so fascinated with Batik textiles that he bought a large amount of them on these trips. The number of these textiles in his collection amounted to some 300, which include his own purchases as well as those offered to him by others.

Wasinburi...Remaking Ratchaburi as City of Art

Ratchaburi has been known for its ceramic water jars (also known as Dragon Pots) for more than 60 years. However, 18 years ago, the iconic Dragon Pots nearly became something of the past, due to changing ways of life and economic factors. In particular, rising labor costs drove several factories to close up shop.

Sukhothai gold jewellery: From ancient goldsmith techniques to contemporary lifestyle.

Srisatchanalai district, Sukhothai was famous for its ancient gold jewelry pattern. Its identity came from the skillful Sukhuthai goldsmiths whose works were delicate hence received reputations. “Somsamai Gold House”, was the original Sukhothai goldsmith group whose techniques had been developed and transferred from grandparent generation, Mrs. Chur Wongyai, to parent generation, Ms. Somsamai Kaohern and to current generation, Mr. Pramote Kaohern.

TIE & KNOT contemporary hammock of Morn community in Suphanburi balances traditional and modern worlds.

The look of contemporary hammock or new design hammock with colorful and eye-catching design brings interest to TIE&KNOT hammock. Apart from its urbanist style and colors, the material is also soft and neatly tied which makes all customers fall for.

Wilai Paijitkarnjanakul: Upcycling Designer, the trend leader, whose products are “effortlessly simple.”

In environment glossary, “Upcycle” has recently been introduced to Thai people. Even in designer and architect world, Upcycling Design had once been only discussed among limited group who was interested in “Sustainable Fashion” It later became well-known by the fashion icon, Eileen Fisher, who brought the world of fashion and design more attention to this term.

Teacher Klae - Surin Yangkeawsod, heir and successor of small theatrical puppetry art (Joe Louis)

Teacher Klae, or Surin Yankeawsod, is the seventh heir of Sakorn Yangkeawsod, better known as “Teacher Joe Louis.” Sakorn was honored with the title of National Artist in the Performing Arts Category (Small Theatrical Puppetry) in the year 1996 and was the founder of the “Hoon Lakorn Lek” puppetry troupe and Joe Louis Theatre. After Teacher Joe Louis passed away, Teacher Klae has applied his expertise in design and performance design to his main role as director for small theatrical puppetry performances, making adaptations to keep up with the times and to be accessible to audiences of all ages.

SRINLIM: Expressing Thai ways of life through designs

When you walk in a street, stroll in a crowded neighborhood, or enjoy local customs or cultural performances, have you ever stopped to appreciate that all around you is a “way of life”? Some are unique to a particular neighborhood, while others are part of city life. Oftentimes we will find that “ways of life” express Thainess that is more than just about the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, traditional Thai patterns, or traditional Thai costumes.