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Principles of designing products - Design Service Society 2020 (ss2)

What are the principles of designing products that resonate with customers?

In order to answer this question We must first consider the overall product design and development process. In the case of a product designer working for a professional service, "customer" refers to the person who is hired to work (client) with the "customer / consumer" who purchases the product. It may be a direct user or not. There are also those involved. (stakeholders) in other parts that can be counted as "Indirect customers" such as those responsible for Investment or budget production, marketing and sales, purchasing, shipping Repairing, maintenance, training, etc.

Those involved in the difference As already mentioned Will have their own view of "value" This value is important in helping to solve problems / pain points or to present solutions that enable those "clients" to achieve their goals according to established criteria such as

- The essential value of the employer is the performance that responds to inspiration and vision. Being successful in business Budget savings Production and delivery on time Awarding Obtaining necessary standards, having a good corporate image. Increasing business competitiveness, etc.

- The most important value of the consumer is the look and the value of the product. (Performance to price) safety, ease of use Ease of maintenance Good after-sales service Having a good resale price, etc.

- The most important value of the user is appearance, promotion of good image and identity, safety, ease of use. Happiness or satisfaction from use, etc.


If the customer values ​​in each of these areas are in conflict. Product designers are also responsible for coordinating, compromising and creating design approaches. That makes each part as successful as possible

So we can conclude that The principle of designing a product that resonates with "customers" is to create a strategy for designing solutions (solution design) for the important value of each customer involved. According to the principle that

"Design is Value Creation"