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5 Trends Of Design Service Transformation : Design Service Society 2020

5 Design trends to watch

1. Trans formative & Disruptive Technologies Design of products that responds to new products or services. That brings technology or digital innovation to service, such as using drones to deliver fresh food Automatic kiosks in health consultation Or even a cooking robot

2. Advanced Data-Driven Design A design that uses data or data to process and then use the results to design.

3. End-to-End Customer Journey Experience The concept of "Circular Economy" or "circular economy" means that the design must be considered from the production process. Raw material procurement Production into products All waste-free processes can be circulated for endless use.

4. Not Just Impression and Implementation, but IMPACT "Social or Environmental Impact" Such packaging that can be reused (Reuse or Recycle) is likely to stop using plastic packaging and to use materials that are environmentally friendly. Materials used must not waste, and can be reused as raw material for production as well.

5. Not Just Mass Customisation, but Personalisation. design focuses on creating products that answer. "Personal experiences" such as clothing that can meet the Health Tech or design specific exercises for each blood type and so on.