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Thai Illustrators who work for world-class brands

Thailand art circle has a promising potential.  More creative scenes, art workshops, spaces for art makers, and creative works have always been popped up.  Illustrator is another job that brings somewhat attention to artists.  Here are top 10 Thai illustrators who are currently in spotlights.

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Benz – Tanawat Sakdawisarak

Benz is one of the illustrators whose works are much admiring.  Although his drawings use soft color palette, they somewhat reflect dark mood.  His Bloody Hell Big Head illustration was featured in leading magazine like “A Day”.  He also made scarves for the cool project, “Youth Culture”.  His international standard works were unparalleled.       

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Yoon – Payoon Worachananan

Payoon spent years created illustrations and designed cover illustrations for many Thai pocket books.  In brief, after completing a bachelor degree from Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University in 2001, Payoon became a writer and columnist for Praew magazine for about a year.  She then went for further study in Japan until finishing doctoral degree.  It has been 12 years and now she becomes a famous illustrator in Japan.  She drew illustrations on column start page for Forbes Japan about real estate and on WWD Beauty magazine.  

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Tum – Wisut Ponnimit

Thai illustrator who has distinguished works and the owner of “Nong Mamuang Chan”, a cartoon character featured on many products.  Tum has created many more characters such as Ching Cha (a lady with short hair and big eyes) which are not only alive on comic books but also in animations and short movies.  Tum’s talent is beyond the mentioned characters and he is an acclaimed illustrator in Japan.  His works are even more famous in Japan than in his home country.   His reputation in Thailand started in 1998 with Manga style illustration.   It has been published in both Thai and Japanese magazines.  His first children-like drawing comic was Hesheit, which was one of the very first alternative Thai comics.  Tum’s storytelling were mostly from his point of view about parable and included philosophy.  They were published in Manga Katch and A Day magazines.


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Payoon and Aussi

Two illustrators who sketched “The Wonder Factory”, a fairy tale for world famous Fashion House, Gucci.  Payoon worked in fashion industry at Kloset brand since her graduation.  She started as a designer and spent seven years to be promoted to a creative director.  Aussi was a real artist who earned a living by freelance jobs since graduation.  Once a manager for Artist Residency for two years, now she is a freelance artist.  Payoon started playing Instragram in 2015.  She had sketched and posted her works with hashtag #GucciCruiseNYC until Gucci representative found out and sent her a direct message. “Social Media is a good opportunity for everyone.  In the past, you needed connections, supporters or know-who in order to have a space to present your arts.  Now everyone has his/her own space.  Just be open-minded, use and learn new opportunities”  

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Jirayu Kooamornpattana

The illustrator who has distinctive vibrant works.  Jirayu’s talent is in applying Collage techniques to create illustrations.  She works for Agency Rush, a UK illustration agency.  Her illustrations have been featured in both Thai and international magazines like The Jam Factory Magazine, New York Times and Wired.  She is one of the Thai illustrator we would love to support.

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Pomme Chan

Pomme Chan, the illustrator whose wavering hand drawing is familiar to us.  Pomme is a Thai illustrator who has worked with numerous top brands like Marc Jacobs, Kiehl’s, Topshop, Nike, Adidas, Sony, BMW, Baby-G, MTV, The New York Times, and Selfridges etc.  She was one of fifteen illustrators who had been selected to design poster for the Oscars 2015.  Because of her success and continuous outstanding works, Pomme recently received 2017 Designer of the Year Award from Silpakorn University and Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce in Illustration Design category.