Creative Thailand

On the Rise: Creative Spaces In and Around Bangkok

An ideal place to get your job done? On a couch, in your slippers, a bowl of cornflakes in hands and laptop on your lap? Probably not. A report in Harvard Business Review conducted by Ben Waber, Jennifer and Greg Lindsay has shown that a productive space is often related to a common ground where different people meet and ideas are freely exchanged, rather than a quiet corner in your apartment. Some of these creative spaces in and around Bangkok draw on these elements to bring about a work place where employees are (almost) always happy to arrive at the office:


Rabbit Digital Group - Welcome to the Burrow, a working space that sourced its concept from the manifold structures of a rabbit hole. Designed by MUN Architects, this unusual office located in a former warehouse in Bantadthong is a place where the employees can unleash their own style and sense. It still retains the old container facades with natural light coming from the glass roofs. Plants abound in the common area, giving a fresh ambiance to the place, and a big slide board connects the upper and lower floor. Couches line “the Cat Walk” corridor as the place generally favours open area where people can exchange limitless ideas and imagination.

DTAC - DTAC wants to become the second home to its employees. DTAC House, designed by Hassell Studio, is an interchangable areas of work and play, which goes in line with the company’s philosophy of “Play and Learn”. The telecom giant headquarter also houses a fitness center, an aerobic room, yoga space, a karaoke room etc. Attention, new mums: you are allowed to bring your kids to work! There is the mother room where you can have your breastmilk pumped, and the the Play Room where your kids can hang out for the day. The walls of the office area are glass panels instead of dull concrete, creating an active and airy ambiance for those at work - and here employees can choose to bring their personal laptop to work instead of typing away on the boring corporate-owned!

DBALP - Transformed from a former warehouse near Klong San, Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited (DBALP) or the Jam Factory founded by the same Duangrit Bunnag who styled Candide Books, The Never Ending Summer Restaurant, Library Cafe and Any Room furniture house. The DBALP brings the vibes back to the sunset industrial quarter, connecting history, culture and life of the past with the present and waking the area from its decades long slumber. Situated right on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, the building is fronted by a green yard and a century old Banyan tree - a perfectly calm place with enough shades for employees to work in a relaxed atmosphere. The DBALP also rents out its space for hip events such as the Knack Market, Art and Craft fairs, Street Food gatherings and Siamese Twins exhibition by Freak Show, to say the least.